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welcome to Damville

Damville in English

Welcome to Damville

Enjoy a day out in the picturesque town of Damville.

Visit the town on foot, by bicycle...
Stop by the beautiful 16th century church and the old castle moat. Enjoy the beauty of old houses.


The city hall and the Market place are also really beautiful.

cityhall2 marketplace1
Visit the Cluizel chocolate factory.The chocolatrium is a museum deicated to the wonderful and sweet world of making chocolate !


The Park is a famous tourist attraction. You can see ducks, swans and many other birds, enjoy a stroll around the lake, fish trouts or other species of fish.


Don’t forget to visit the château de chambray, 5km from Damville to discover the nature of « le Pays d’Avre et d’Iton ».

Written by ophélie, mélanie, Axelle, Léa, lisa and ludivine. 6ème3 2007-2008.

Par : M Berrubé

Publié : 9 septembre 2008